Where it All Began

You may be asking who is Bubs?  You may be asking, “Why should I follow this blog and the instagram (@bubsgrubs)account?”  What does “Bubs” know about food?

These are all great questions.  See answers below:

  • Bubs is me; Justin Simon, a 26-year old self proclaimed foodie
  • You should follow the blog if you like recipes for unique and delicious meals ranging from healthy Kale Chips to flavorful Buffalo Chicken Meatballs, a true crowd pleaser
    • I reside in Brooklyn, NY and love to eat.  I take pictures of all the great (and sometimes not so great) restaurants I eat at along the way.  Through the blog and the Instagram account (@bubsgrubs) I post these pics and reviews
    • I cook when I get the chance and try and add in a touch of “Bubs” to every dish I make (ie. adding some life or something some chefs/cooks wouldn’t be willing to do)
    • I also tend to try things some people wouldn’t be willing to try:
      • I most recently had the bacon-wrapped matzoh balls from The Gorbals in Williamsburg (pics and review to come)
      • I am the guy who orders duck when others order chicken and double up the kimchi when others ask for it on the side
  • What do I know about food?
    • Well first off, I grew up in a household where food was always present.  My father has been in the gourmet food business for 35 years, selling advertising for numerous gourmet food magazines, as well as wine magazines.  I read the magazines from a young age, got to go to trade shows and conventions where all these amazing chefs and food companies were on display and I took it all in
    • I watched my dad in the kitchen serve parties of 20+ during a house party and every dish was served fresh and on the spot
    • I learned the recipe for my dad’s famous Christmas party chili that had people coming back year after year
    • I got to try out all these recipes both from a cooking perspective as well as a tasting perspective

So, in conclusion, I am Bubs.  I am just a lover of food.  I try to eat amazing food on a budget because at the end of the day, I am a young professional in a very expensive city.  I will try to bring you all the best dishes from around the area, as well as wherever my travels take me.  I will post recipes, reviews, interviews and plenty of pictures.

Be sure to follow the Instagram account: @bubsgrubs , Twitter: @bubsgrubss and check the blog!

Please feel free to email me at bubsgrubs15@gmail.com or leave comments below.  I am open to trying new restaurants, posting your pictures and any help I can get!

Cheers and Bon Appetite from Bubs!